Friday, December 19, 2008

Thomas Robert Hale (Laredo Hale family founder)

Thomas Robert Hale, the progenitor of the Laredo Hale family, was born 07 Mar 1856 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and died 11 Jan 1943 in Laredo, Texas. He married (1) Juana Fuentes on 07 Jan 1874, (2) Inez Arispe on 27 Feb 1884, and (3) Maria Garcia on _______. The only documentation about his father comes from the below 1874 marriage record, although oral history suggests that Tomas' father's name was James Hale, from County Sligo, Ireland

An ongoing discussion about our Hale roots is the possible connection to the Milmo family of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The oral histories from various Hale descendants about such a connection suggests there is such a connection, either because Tomas' mother was a Milmo, or that Tomas had an illicit relationship with a Milmo daughter. In addition, there is one documented instance about such a connection, from an 1890 book entitled "The History of Sligo: Town and Country," by T. O'Rorke:

"Mr. Patrick Milmo, better known now through North and South America as Don Patricio Milmo, is one of the most prosperous and distinguished men that the parish of Ballysadare or the county of Sligo has ever produced. After serving an apprenticeship in the fine business house of Mr. M.J. Madden Camphill, he emigrated to Mexico, where his cousins, the Messrs. Hale, had long preceded him, and had formed a commercial firm second to none in that country. On his arrival, Mr. Milmo joined the firm, and his remarkable ability and energy developed and greatly extended the business."

Thomas Robert Hale and Juana Fuentes had the following children:

Delfina Hale (b. 1875)
Santiago Hale (b. 1877)
Thomas Robert Hale, Jr. (b. 1879)

Thomas Robert Hale and Inez Arispe had the following children:

Fidel Hale
Salathiel Hale
Sarah Hale
Abelardo Hale
Indalecio Hale

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